The Importance Of Proper Motorcycle Gear

Though riding a bike is thrilling, it involves a certain degree of risk. Though the inherent perils are quite evident, some bikers still ignore them. Most people are attracted to motorbikes due to the thrill and as such, it’s important to be prepared. To reduce the risk, it’s important to wear the right motorcycle gear when riding.

Head Protection

The biggest protective equipment one needs is the helmet. There are certain bikers who seek the freedom of not having to wear one. Helmets are important to reduce the risk of head injuries, even in minor accidents. If one hits their head on the pavement from a seated position without a helmet, they could suffer serious injury or even die. Most bike accidents also happen at low speeds, typically less than 30 miles per hour. The majority of others also involve a motor vehicle, while in some cases, the biker falls off their motorcycle at low or no speed. A good, preferably full-face helmet would therefore be appropriate. If not, one should go for one with a visor to keep bugs from hitting their eyes. A helmet also provides a safeguard against sunstroke.


Proper clothing can also save life or prevent serious injury. When one gets into an accident, they’ll be thrown off the bike and onto the tarmac in most cases. Proper clothing made out of leather would prevent one from sustaining burns, bruises or injuries that would need a skin graft later on. Though they may be uncomfortable to walk in, they offer sufficient safeguard in case of an accident.

This also applies for gloves. Most bikers think they’re unnecessary. Gloves not only protect hands from being hit by bugs, but they also help prevent them from going numb due to the cold caused by the oncoming wind. One also needs a jacket that’s armor-reinforced at the elbows and back. Falling off a moving bike means that the first point of impact is the hands, then the elbows or back.

Ear Protection

When travelling at say 60 miles per hour, the best helmets will let in about 90 dB of noise. This is caused by a combination of wind turbulence, engine and traffic sound. Listening to such noise for long periods could cause damage to the ears. Cheaper helmets will let in more noise, about 100 to 110 dB, which is enough to cause permanent deafness. Good earplugs are thus necessary. They’re sufficiently compact to be carried in pockets and one can also choose from generic foam or custom made varieties.

Stop the Excuses

This requires a slight shift in attitude. Though riding can be fun, it’s every rider’s responsibility to uphold safety at all times. This requires wearing the right gear so that one has fun in a responsible way. There’s a huge variety of quality, functional and fashionable motorcycle gear available in various outlets and over the internet.

Guidelines to Selecting the Right Motorcycle Gear

When buying, one should ensure the gear fits properly. This especially applies for the helmet. It should grip the jaw, cheeks, top and sides of the head properly. Full-face helmets also offer better protection than their three-quarter and half-shell counterparts. The best boots should protect both the feet and legs. They should also be Kevlar-reinforced in vital areas (shin, calf and ankle). The boots should also have stiff rubber soles to provide both traction and protection. The suit should be made of quality leather. It’s worth noting that motorcycle gear is meant to provide protection during an accident, as opposed to being a fashion statement.